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no you big bunch of smart asses, the fridge still has some food.
glassy after a few good years as a smoker your eyes dont really turn red anymore, its a tolerance thing, you just get glassy eyed sometimes and many of us are bouncing out of bed, being totally hyper and not lethargic at all, maybe that is associated with the bad eating habbits many smokers develop, eating junk and whatever, not being healthy.
i dont drink much, i used to be a real boozer but have stopped that nonsense, it just makes me be baaaad, seriously annoying and cheeky and take far to many risks that have not always been good risks (cheeky me, no neveeeer) i could never have a glass and leave it .
but i believe each to their own, what ever floats the boat .
here 1 out of 5 admit to being smokers, it is a pretty comon thing. and i know many a person who has achieved lots of things as smokers, normal lives just smokers, they work, get degrees, have lives etc. BUT then i know so many people that have totally become paranoid freaks and lazy fools as smokers, it is just a personality thing, who you are but i suppose that is for most things isnt it??.
hey did anyone notice luba never made it back with that water, hmmmmm hope she is not too shocked with me or paraniod lolololololololol
REDUCE, RETHINK, REUSE, RECYCLE.. "We only Conserve what we love, We love only what we understand, we understand only what were taught"- David Suzuki....NO WAR.
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