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Well I definitely have to give my props to Chico for allowing to see a different point of view. I think it is disgusting how some of these people have reacted to rescuekitty. She provides nothing but an excellent home for her animals, and yes it is quite possible they prefer outdoors to in. It is quite understandable that her dog prefers to be outdoors, some dogs do and others don't. Obviously she wouldn't go and stick a chiwawa to live outdoors but she already said that..some people obviously don't care to read the entirety of her posts. As for her cat, there are many many barn cats out there and alot of them love it. What is better then being able to roam free and play all day. Maybe her cat started to have kittens under some sheet of metal or whatever but she did the right thing and moved them, it's not like she would have known where she was going to go, and cats like to be alone and away from everything generally, when they go into labour. Not only did she do the right thing but she also saved a helpless kitten..can you not see that she OBVIOUSLY loves her animals like my books you are an awesome animal mother and I wouldn't even worry about what these people have to say about you or how you take care of them.