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If you go to tools, then go to Main, at the bottom it will ask you if you want to check to see if Firefox is your default. It it's not then you can switch it then. Or in the past, I've found that when Firefox wasn't my default, whenever I'd open it, it would ask if I wanted to make it my default.

I have to say, at first I hated Firefox. I'd been so used to using IE, but I love it now. And the tabs are really a wonderful thing. You don't have to keep opening a new browser window to search for stuff or compare stuff, or just to be on several sites at once.

I have a tab with my yahoo mail open, my yahoo main page AND right now I am typing this in another tab. All you have to do is go to the tab you want. Leaving several sites open at the same time is one of the interesting things Firefox does.

The downside, some sites won't accept Firefox as a browser so there are some, very few these days, which make you use IE.
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