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OH and does anyone know where to find a dog jacket (the kind with velcro) that actually fits? I have a nice coat for Dixie but it hangs off of Zephra even though they're almost the same length. Dixie is a chunkier dog, Zephra is thin - like a greyhound almost.
Dixie's coat is Large and it's ALMOST too big in the velcro adjustment around her tummy and neck, but it works. On Zephra it just hangs. But I had a medium sweater that was too tight for Dixie and it's practically impossible to get Zephra's front legs through the holes and it's not long enough at all <sigh> all these jackets and coats seem to just measure from neck to tail without taking into consideration the girth of the dog at all.
I'm not one to dress dogs in cutesy stuff, but in the snow and rain here, it's good to put a jacket on so they don't get drenched when they go out.

Here's Dixie in her coat

Here's Zephra in Dixie's old medium sweater - you can see its a bit too small, look at the neck and the length - plus she hates it cause you have to stuff her legs through
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