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New here, I'm glad to have found you!

I have two dogs, both terrier mixes. One is Dixie and we've had her for over a year. She's 6 yrs old and weights 32 lbs. She's more low energy (which we looked for since we're an older couple and didn't want a dog who would drag us off our feet, lol) and a real sweetheart.

We just got a second dog (from the same no-kill shelter) who is also a terrier mix, but her mix is different from Dixie's - her body type/shape is different. She's a little more energetic but she's smaller - only 23 lbs. at 4 years old. I don't see any Jack Russel in her build, but she can leap like she has springs on her feet, lol. Her name is Zephra because she runs (and leaps) like the wind.

Both dogs understand the basic commands to sit, lay down, stay, shake, etc. When I let them out (we have a big fenced in back yard) I have them sit and stay while I open the door and then open the door on the sunporch. They both do this very well. (They both also sit and wait very well when I feed them)

I'm having a problem with Zephra peeing in the house though. I let them out every 2.5 - 3 hours (I'm retired, so usually home), but on occasion (maybe every 2 or 3 days) she will wet on the carpet somewhere.
She is a little anxious and will pace at times so it's hard to know when she needs to go out. She doesn't go to the door, or whine or scratch, or anything that gives me a good idea she wants to go out. They both sleep with us and both sleep through the night with no need to go out and no accidents.

I read on a vet's advice page to use a leash on an anxious dog so tried that and Zephra seems to actually like having the leash on. She will sit or lay down calmly while its on instead of pacing. But I can't have it on her all the time (like when I'm cooking or cleaning house)

We fostered her for two weeks before adopting (to make sure she and Dixie were happy together) and the vet at the shelter's vet clinic said she's healthy .

We'll take her to our own vet as soon as we get the papers from the shelter.

Any suggestions for getting her to let me know when she needs to go instead of pottying in the house? She never poops inside, only pee. Dixie doesn't pee inside so there's no "smell" spots.

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