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I am a Friend of various rescues and realise that this thread is old, but as it is ongoing and searchable still in the present, I thought to add to the post, having both knowledge and experience as to and with the situation in QC, as well as this particular rescue, among others. Firstly, SOS Quebec-Ontario is a legitimate non-profit, a small rescue that cares deeply about adoptable pet animals at a pound in QC which the rescue speaks for and goes out of their way to save. They are not themselves a shelter, do not have facilities for housing same, nor do they own the rail road, a bus line or other transportation company. Rather, it's two great ladies who truly care, do everything they can to save great adoptable animals from certain death at a pound (these animals are in a pound), doing what they can to bring them to the attention of deserving homes so as to get them adopted, including bringing them to Ontario after properly screening prospective adopters so as to get great pets into great permanent homes. In the final analysis, this is what rescues do--i.e., save pets. I applaud them, and have myself adopted a great dog from them, a Chow; he is great, and has no idea what would have happened to him, just understands that he is now in a great home, loved very much, a good boy and wouldn't trade him for the world. That was some years ago, and after adopting him I myself became more involved in animal rescue, in many different capacities. I give of my time and my wallet to various non-proft animal rescues, even fostering and adopting from a different rescue and in addition since, and which I am heavily involved with: I thank SOS for opening my eyes, and encouraging me to do more for the animals on this, too, with which SOS rescue I also keep in touch, sending them updates on my beautiful Chow whom I never would have met had it not been for SOS, and for whom I cannot thank enough -- he is great, and the ladies at SOS who are looking into fosters so as to save more great, deserving pets are, too.

Meantime, and before one tries to judge any rescue involved in QC, especially those fortunate enough to reside in Ontario, you might wish to do some more research into the situation of QC when it comes to the treatment of animals, where there is a 65-85percent kill rate, not always at the hands of a compassionate vet either (they still use barbaric methods to destroy perfectly adoptable pets at some pounds and shelters in QC), being about 10years behind Ontario when it comes to the welfare of animals in QC. Warning: before looking into the situation, you might want to have a box of tissue and some wine beside you. To put it mildly, it is not like Ontario at all when it comes to QC, there being no rhyme or reason to any of it, or at all. All legitimate rescues that save animals, be they big or small rescues, are to be applauded, keeping in mind also that such rescues save animals from what in QC could be and is a horrid death.

With acute experience and knowledge of both the situation in QC and this particular rescue as well, having personal dealings and experience with SOS (and a great Chow whom I love thanks to them as well), I have no qualms in recommending them, and do so very highly. These ladies are to be applauded, and do a great thing for all the animals they save from that pound, which is lest we forget a pound and all that that means especially in QC.

In short: great rescue is SOS Quebec-Ontario. They not only save pets, but make for happy families, and I count myself among the many lucky adopters in Ontario who thanks to them have nothing short of a wonderful pet!


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