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Hi everyone!

I'm from Canada, and I'm currently studying animal health technology in college, and hoping to do some more animal behaviour training with various professionals after college. I have realized through my two years of learning and one month of working at a vet clinic that behaviour issues are a lot more common than I thought, and a lot of people unfortunately have too many misconceptions about dogs and training... So it often ends with euthanasia. I find this frustrating, but also very motivating because hopefully, with proper knowledge and experience, I could help people and make things change, even if just a little.

I found this forum because my mom and I just adopted a very shy dog... and I wanted some advice from people on how to act around her to build her confidence and trust. She is a four years old Border Collie mix (there's most likely Husky in there) and I'm sure she will be a wonderful dog when she'll learn to trust us and come out of her shell.
I also have two cats, a ten years old female and a two years old male.

I would've loved to try to teach some tricks to our dog, or even try some agility, but for now we need to let her adapt to her new environment and learn to trust us, so... maybe in a few months. She is very quick to learn, so I'm sure it'll be fun, and definitely worth the waiting.
I am also trying to teach some tricks to my youngest cat. He is also a quick learner and he seems to like playing games for food. He has a very short attention span, but it's still fun and encouraging to see how fast he's learning! It's also useful since he now sits politely for food (he used to rush for it and bite my fingers or scratch my hands to get it). I've tried training my older cat, but she's lazy and she doesn't seem to find it as fun. She just wants to get the food without working for it. :P

So that's about it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
And I hope to talk to you guys on the forum!
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