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Red face I just adopted my first kitty!!

my name is kaycie and i just adopted my first kitten!!! i am so super excited of course its my first cat ever so im not exactly sure what im doing yet but catching on fast. i just have a simple question. well he as a bad case of diarrhea. its basicaly a light brown water. i was just wondering if there is a certain food i should be feeding him or something? right now i am feeding him a kitten food that is hard but with some soft pieces. also my fiance fed him a little milk from his cereal bowl this morning could the super sugary water have caused it? i have only had him for a day and a half so im not sure if he has had the diarrhea for awhile or not. but yeah i was just wondering if maybe i need to feed him something different? oh yeah he is 2 months old and his name is whiskey. i would appreciate some feed back pretty please. thanks bunches
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