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Originally Posted by snowflake1 View Post
well i have to say that many of you guys are very rude and very harsh when it comes to answering people's question....... but I wanted to let you know after an night of crying and not being able to eat for a few days because I couldn't in good faith get a dog from a pet store or from a farm when I know ones in shelter/rescues need good homes. I am getting my cat fixed, so I can qualify to adopt a dog from the rescue!!!! I have to say thank you all for your insights. but please remember next time don't be so harsh towards people, I have feelings too. wish my cat luck, she is going in on weds to have the surgery. so next time someone comes on here and talks about their cat or dog not being fixed, yes tell them to get it fixed, but do not be so harsh. thank you for time!
Snowflake, sometimes people are harsh because many of those on this board work in shelters and rescues. They see the reality of owners who don't have their pets spayed and neutered, both in the amount of unwanted animals and in diseases that could have been spared the animal had one simple preventative procedure been done.

Many people come here LOOKING for someone to take on their pets, as they have suddenly become a burden because they pee or poop too much, or they no longer get along with a family member. They might be having a baby and suddenly their pet is just one piece of furniture too many.

They are harsh because they are tired of trying to politely educate people, for the animals sake, only to have the person tell them they don't know their situation, but they know it all too well because they have heard every excuse in the book.

I don't volunteer, I don't believe I'm strong enough for it. I also don't have enough room, since I fear I'd want to bring home every homeless animal I see.

Yes you love your cat, but we all wanted to give you information, and many of those here who have had pets for many many years have been involved in the care of animal and have been through just about every situation imaginable.

Don't take it personally. There is a lot of information here and there are a lot of good people here. You won't find a more caring group of people anywhere else. We don't know your cat, and we haven't seen a picture of her, but I can tell you we all care very much for her.

I hope she does well, and I have no doubt she will do well when she's spayed. I hope you post a picture of her for us, as well as the new pup you are soon to have as an addition to your furry family.
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