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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
The reason the rescue denied you the dog due to your un-spayed cat is because it shows a lack of responsibility on your part, and they don't want to place dogs in homes with irresponsible people.
but it is ok to leave the dog in a foster home where it has been for 2 months with 5 dogs 6 cats a rabbit and birds. oh and where it smells like poop.... the person that is fostering the dog is only fostering one other dog, the rest are theirs and the 6 cats are theirs too not foster.
yes i know I should of done it years ago, but i didn't. i have been responsible with my pets. if there is anything wrong with them, they go to the vet quicky. an irresponsilbe ower would let their pets outside when they are not fixed and not care if they get pregnant. i do care. the boys that i have are both fixed. but i don't know why i keep on responding to the response. it hurts me when you say that I am not a responsilbe pet owner. I love my pets. yes one of cats is not fixed, but she lives a spoiled life.
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