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Thanks for your reply:
I didn`t explain well enough in original email. Dino has taken 3 days to become distended, my wife and I both noticed his potbelly on Sunday but didn`t get too concerned as it wasn`t big and we totally forgot about the chicken incident. Tonight, it`s quite apparent that he has a serious problem.
By normal, I mean he still eats(small amounts), plays with his toy, wags his tail, and seems to pee okay. He is straining a bit with the bowel movement and only gets out a small amount. He is mildly restlessas well.
I have been on the net this evening about it, and if I had to guess, the blockage is in the small intestine and he`s probably going to need surgury to remove it and any damage cause by it.
I was hoping to get some insight about the anesthesia risks.

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