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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
One advantage you have where you live that we don't. Our Iris and Peony are long gone. You are just enjoying yours now. Very pretty!
A customer last year told me she ripped all of her Valarian out of her garden after hearing that it affected her menstration adversely. Supposedly it cause lots of cramping if you got near the plant. I laughed at her story. Never heard that. It is used in some medical situations. You just have to be careful.
Your foxglove is beautiful! I love that plant. Mine succumbed to crowding. :sad: I think I may still have some seed somewhere though.

I'll sign up for some of the Malva seeds when they are ready please.
The foxglove was purchased in a single pot a few years ago for cheap and it self seeded. I found all the seedlings and transplanted them to one area, but they are tiny for some reason. The original was a lot taller and bushy. I may not have the right soil conditions for them. If you don't have seeds I can save some.

What Zone are you in 14+? It's 4a here. I'm just curious why you get so much earlier blooms.

That's a funny story. I think the Valerian is very attractive just for its foliage.

I'll get Malva seeds for you! These make a pretty good sized tap root that kind of resemble parsnip. I noticed they don't transplant well though. But if you were really into it, that plant could probably be propagated through root cuttings. I have other Malva of the Zebrina type coming and they should bloom in the next couple of weeks, if not sooner.

Originally Posted by Tundra_Queen View Post
Just beautiful! I love the peony. Mine are still blooming but have fallen over cause of all the rain. And tonight it is only 6C! Have a very cold and wet umm summer. *sigh*

So could u southern Ontario folks please send up some warm air? It's might cool up here.

You can weave a little support system out of twigs and such in a circle crossed with more at the top to form a grid, and more to allow it to poke in the ground around the plant. It's more natural looking and as the plant grows it hides the support. For a quick fix though you can stick some twigs around the plant and tie it up again with string around the sticks but not on the plant itself.

Like the attached pic but made with sticks instead of buying it.
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