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Saw a really neat news blurb this am on the Thundershirts. I've heard of them and read where people have used them with great success but never actually saw it in action.

They put one on what looked like a Border Collie with barking and going nuts at the door issues. Then had someone knock on the door, there was another dog and it barked a little to announce but not a peep out of the BC, no jumping and leaping either, damn that's cool!! Then they showed another little dog that had a heck of a time settling and listening to commands. The trainer would ask for a sit and the dog would sit for a split second and then up again, same with a down, down then would pop up. They put a shirt on him and tried the commands again, totally different. The dog remained in the sit and the down. Pretty neat stuff. Now I'm really tempted to try this on Bayley. She does have onleash dog aggression and this may help her stay calm and not fly off the handle.

Anybody else use one of these?
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