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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
I can see I have to explain my comment a little.
When I say "ethical" breeder I am talking about a breeder who only breeds the dog once every year or two. Preferable two. In fact if there were no breeding allowed at all for at least two or three years until all the overpopulation of dogs and cats has been solved that would suit me to a tee as well.
I am not talking about a breeder who breeds a dog two to three times a year. That is obviously someone who is in it for what they can get. People who call themselves "hobby" breeders but are still breeding on a twice yearly basis so they can see what puppies from two of their dogs would be like are not ethical breeders in my eyes either. At what point does it become not a hobby but a business?
I am sorry if I offended.
You did absolutely nothing to offend me I just really feel strongly about breeding while dogs and cats are being euthanized.
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