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Pros and Cons/ problems with breeding.

Let me just preface this by saying: is not a pro s/n board. However most of the people who make up the forum ARE very pro spay/neuter. We tend to be very straight forward and to the point with people who come on asking breeding questions as we do not feel it is necessary to add to the overpopulation of animals. At this moment there are millions of cats and dogs a year being euthanized; some not very humanely. Unless you can truly in your heart justify wanting to breed your animal, please think twice. If you think twice and still decide to do it then please……. Think again.

Ethical breeders do not need to come to a forum of this type to ask breeding questions. They simply know how to handle the problems that can and do arise. Breeding is NOT a simple matter of putting together two animals and hoping everything works out. Ethical breeders can tell you that.
This is my attempt to help. Hopefully when you do your research you will decide to not be part of the problem but to be part of the solution. This information is mainly about dogs. It works this way for cats as well.
I will give some information and include some good sites for further reading. If any of our members would like to add information to this or add some sites please feel free.

This article was taken from:
Why People Want To Breed Dogs, And Why They Shouldn't

Almost everybody loves puppies. Who could resist that sweet puppy breath or soft, downy fur?

Unfortunately, when it comes to dog breeding, a love of puppies is simply not enough to breed your dog. Hundreds of puppies are born every day, and hundreds of adorable puppies are put to sleep in shelters across North America. We have a serious pet overpopulation problem right now.

The Reasons People Want to Breed Their Dogs:
• I want another one just like my dog.
• I want to make money.
• I want my children to witness the miracle of birth.
• Puppies are cute, there's always people who want puppies.

The Reasons People Should NOT Breed Their Dogs:

• I want another one just like my dog.
This never works according to plan. When a dog gets pregnant, the puppies will take the father's traits, personality, and physical, and the mother's traits, and mix them up, taking some of one, some of another, and developing their own altogether. You will never get a perfect match. In stead you may end up with the worst traits of both dogs.
Even cloning a dog has proven that while a genetic match is possible, looks and temperament are still in the hands of Fate.

• I want to make money.

I can't believe people can still think they can make money off of puppies. The cost of breeding will overshadow any profits you think to make. The puppies need their first shots before going to their new homes, the mother needs frequent check-ups, and heaven forbid if something goes wrong. And something always goes wrong.
• I want my children to witness the miracle of birth.
This "miracle" can now be easily viewed by both children and adults thanks to such wonderful programming as "A Baby Story" and "Maternity Ward", both available on cable television.

Not only that, but how much of a "miracle" will your child be seeing if your beloved pet dies halfway through delivery?

• Puppies are cute, there's always people who want puppies.
No, unfortunately this is the most ignorant assumption made these days. Not everybody wants puppies. Hundreds die everyday because of the lack of homes. How heartbreaking to hold a twelve week old puppy and put her to sleep because somebody thought for sure there would be somebody else who wanted her.
For every puppy born, three die in shelters. There are too many out there and not enough homes for them all.

If this is not enough reasons to stop you from breeding your dog, then here are a few more:

Complications in birth and pregnancies happen all the time. You could face losing your dog to death, and all the puppies with her. Will YOU pay the $1200.00 for a much-needed emergency cesarean section when she cannot deliver the pups?
What about sexually-transmitted diseases? That stud dog you had picked out may have one. They are more common than you think.

How about genetic diseases? They abound.

Breeding is not a careless affair, it is so much more than bringing bitch and stud together during a heat cycle.

Please think it over carefully.

More web sites to check out. Please read carefully. There is a lot of very useful information both pro and con.
Assumptions do nothing but make an ass out of u and me.

We can stick our heads in the sand for only so long before it starts choking us. Face it folks. The pet population is bad ALL OVER THE WORLD!

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