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Hi Silverwind
I am sorry your having some issues...its sooooo frustrating...
I would almost suggest you start her back at basics...when you first potty train they say that you should take them out every 2 hours could probably manage a longer period .Also I would leash them to you... important part is to have them with you or leashed to you so that when they go to squat or lift a leg you can immediately take them outside, pee poo reward....eventually they do get it...some it takes longer.

When they are attached to you they learn what they can and cant do and also gives you the opportunity to be with them to correct any unwanted behaviour as it happens...
Its hard to do but if she is good in the crate for 5 hours then leash her to you after that period...its hard for folks that work but any little bit of this will help....they dont usually like being tied to you so they learn quickly

Hope this helps.....stay positive....
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