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hello there amylyou:

I am fully in agreement with SCM re the dental. I would be looking for a 2nd opinion on what appears to be extreme procedure for the problem so early in the little guy's life.

I had a vet who would do everything in his power to circumvent extractions until absolutely it was necessary. He was also a certified dental surgeon and believed in preventative procedures - extractions when all else failed.

I am a great believer in raw food and brushing. There is something in the raw food that aids in cleaning the teeth along with the chewing. Something else to consider with brushing is that it stimulates the gums helping the blood flow which helps to dissipate any infections.

I've included 2 web sites - one on brushing your cat's teeth - from Cornell University - and one on a product that I've used for about 10 years that you just add to the drinking water. I have noticed in recent years that there are more products on the shelf for treating pets' teeth, which might be worth looking into as well.

I just tried the first site and it's a bit sticky so you will have to right click on it and open it in a new tab. That worked for me.
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