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Originally Posted by kittiesandbirds View Post
I'd like to add that after purchasing the dog we did buy a really big book that was supposed to be the best on Siberian Huskies at the time. In the book they spoke of the practice of breeding in wolves. As a buyer we were not prepared for the enclosure with wolves. I think I would suggest today people buy the book before. In a way I was as negligent as the breeder and not so proud to admit it.

However if today I wrote a thread stating that a person wanting a Siberian Husky needed to make an enclosure suited for a wolf many people would disagree with me. Kim being a husky could not spend more than five minutes inside without overheating. In weather deemed dangerous by the government, posting extreme cold warnings we tried to take him in to have him panting and pacing and scratching at the door. This is more typical of the husky apparently. To keep my dog I would have needed to build a very sophisticated enclosure before the dog arrived. We assumed that our enclosure which was top notch would suffice. In the picture above Kim is temporarily in the barn of the Breeder till she was able to get him to the Vet for a checkup and put him in with a female. It did sooth me a bit to learn that he was quickly put in with a very old female.

I am not sure I can tell people they need a wolf enclosure for huskies as I don't know how typical his abilities were.
You must keep your house real hot in the winter. I had a Samoyed Husky and she was fine in my small apartment in the winter. I think Samoyed have a heavier coat than Siberian huskies .