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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
I think you are taking that article entirely the wrong way. It's hilarious, as he meant it to be. I laughed right through it. The way he spoke about himself is so funny, scared of a big smiley dog while two ladies weren't. LOL. What a chicken. And the slobbery tongue hanging out from between parted, slobbery teeth .... come on, he could have said much worse if he was having a shot at the breed.
Lovely smile by the way, our cattle dogs often have the muscling that enables them to smile too.
Maybe you did, but with the attitude the general public here in Ontario has on pitbulls, it would have been taken as "see, pitbulls are to be feared". Pitbulls do NOT need any further negative publicity. The pic was not published with the article for people to see what a harmless dog Rocky is.
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