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My sister is slightly allergic to her golden and would never dream of giving her up. She suffers with a smile, I guess (I don't blame her, Zoe is an angel -- I've never met such a sweet, gentle creature in my life). My boyfriend has pet allergies and oddly is fine around our golden (maybe he's developed an immunity to her dander by this point), but he's allergic to Zoe (it might help if he didn't feel the need to lie down and snuggle with her every time he sees her, but that's neither here nor there ) and also sneezes up a storm around other dogs at training. I've noticed that's he's fine around certain breeds (ex: daschunds, Wheatens) but miserable around others.

My brother is also allergic but refused to give up his dog when he was a kid and spent 17 happy years with her. I guess it depends on whether you're willing to put up with the hardship.
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