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And the DOGS arthritis is beyond it's control!!!

I am assuming you got medical care for yourself when you got ill correct?

If you could not leave your home to get vet care, there are many vets that will do house calls FYI!!

I am delighted you did take the dog, there are many natural products that can help a dog with arthritis. A change of food sometimes can be beneficial. Glucosamine and Shark Cartilidge is great, and if the pain is bad they tend to use Metacam.

You're wrong about compassion, all you got from us was compassion...... you were just looking for compassion for yourself but at the dogs expense my friend.

I am sorry about your pneumonia, but I'm not complaining about my (4) years of ill health ..... and a $6000 vet bill my dog had over a two week period when he got sick from cancer before he died...SO LUMP IT!!
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