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Hello csm,

Glad to hear that you took him to the vet. And to hear that he is doing better.

Everyone on here loves dogs (I'm not saying you don't, so please don't take this the wrong way). And when we heard that he was having problems, we wanted you to seek help asap. We didn't want to find out that he had serious problems or permeant damage due to not getting to the vet in time.

(I have missed over three weeks of work due to pneumonia, if it matters to you)
I'm sorry to hear that. Are you ok?

I'm sorry if I angered you all for not seeking immediate treatment, but people have problems arise that are beyond their control.
I understand that, for I too have problems arise that are beyond my control. That's why I recommended calling the Humane Society, or a local SPCA to see if they could help you, or recommend someone to you that will work w/you financially, or if they knew of a low cost clinic.

We only wanted to help you get your rottie taken care of. You said you cry every time he falls, that too is why we were so concerned. So please don't take offense to our opinons. We were only trying to help you.

I guess I came to the wrong place.
You didn't come to the wrong place. I learned alot from this forum, and I'm still learning. This is a very helpful forum. Hope you decide to stay.
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