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dog urine marking dog

I have 3 large dogs; male std poodle 8 yrs old, female dobie mix 4 yrs old, and a 3 yr old male siberian husky. All are house pets and are sterile (neutered). My dobie is alpha, however, over the past year, the poodle has dropped in rank to omega and my husky is now beta. The problem is when the husky doesn't get his way he is urine marking. This morning he wanted my poodle's food (the husky also had his own food)and when my poodle ignored him, the husky urinated on him. I caught the husky in the act, yelled and gave him a physical correction, but whenever he is bent out of shape about something, the rug or in this case, another dog, he urine marks. He is very stubborn, and refuses obedience training. He is in excellent health, house broken, and is definitely urine marking. Any suggestions?
He was neutered at 8 months of age.
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