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I suffer from bronchial asthma and pet allergies, but am more sensitive to the dander than fur. Our last dog was a bichon. We had him bathed at the groomers monthly and my husband took care of his grooming needs in our home. If we kept our house clean and he stayed off of beds and furniture my allergies rarely bothered me. Near the end of his life, though (he passed away last spring from liver cancer) he spent more time cuddling on the couch, was more hesitant for baths and slept with us on our bed. I handled it with benadryl and more aggressive asthma treatment and we got by.

It was well worth it and we are considering adding a puppy to our family once again. That being said, regardless of claims my allergies have not done well with poodles, terriers or pugs (all of which were promoted to us as "allergy free"), but it could have been due to infrequent bathing (huge key - get a someone outside of the home to do this).

If you do choose to add a dog to your family my best advise would be to visit the breeder and rub your face in their fur a few times. Just don't take the kids with you.
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