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Open Gardens, what a joy to visit them, really.

I am ashamed to say that I took no photo's of the first garden I went to. Pity, it was a bit formal but superbly done, the crowning glory IMO being a huge oak tree for shade in our hot summers, and a beautiful area for outdoor wining and dining.
However, this is the second garden, belonging to this superb old home which isn't heritage listed but should be. The owners won't push for it because if it was listed that really limits the work they can do on it. It originally belonged to a Dr, in fact there were 3 Dr's homes in a row back in the day. The garden is divided into garden rooms, and where one goes close to a fence they'd put a mirror to make it look bigger. Nice garden ornaments, very tasteful, very cool and shady. Loved this old palm.
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