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Re: Diarrhea

Arghhh - I just typed out this whole long message and by the time I was trying to upload it the system timed me out so I will keep this short.

I have discontinued giving my kitten her pain meds to see if this helps with the Diarrhea. She has been eating well and drinking quite a bit of water. I did look up the info on the meds like the one post showed but I think some of you are over reacting a little. She was only given 4 pills - she is to take a half a pill once a day for 4 days. The info that one poster showed is for longer term usuage of the pills which I can see may cause the kidney/renal problems or even failure. I don't believe my kitten is taking enough to cause that type of damage but I'm not a vet. I will monitor her today/tonight and see if her not taking the pill today makes a difference. My vet is closed on Sundays and since it's Thanksgiving on Monday they are closed then as well. If my kitten seems to be in any type of distress I would certainly not hesitate to take her to an emergency clinic.

Thank for you input - have a great day.
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