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Deaf Community looking for deaf cats and dogs

Hi. Through search for my own White Persian that is lost, I discovered that there is a great need in the deaf community for deaf animals.

I know one person right now that is looking for a deaf male kitten preferably, though she may take Casper. She is in the Atlanta area. There are also two men cousins that are looking for deaf dogs and a cat. I have been writing emails back and forth telling I would help. I found this out through the atalanta.craiglist pets section. They have a keyword function, but the words have to be in the titles. - ie. deaf, kitten adopt.

Where is Casper, love the name, located? Could travel be arranged? There was mention of another deaf cat as well. Please tell me more, and I will help to coordinate. I am interested in helping connect the whole deaf community connect with deaf animals. I will start with Casper and the others. I am interested in any resources any one has to help in the effort. Deaf people have a very difficult time locating deaf animals. I am interested in sites or resources on both sides to help coordinate this effort. I will be setting up a site for this sometime in the future.

Please contact Traci at trueleverage4u at earthlink dot net email Thank you.
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