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Originally Posted by VIOLET0019 View Post
HELP PLEASE!!? My senior dog Baby is suffering (for a few weeks now) with very itchy paws. She has been diagnosed with "Environmental Allergies" and every year beginning August, she begins suffering with itchy paws and general malaise. She has been on Vanectyl P tablets for several years. I give her 1/2 tab two times a day, (although the instructions say 1/2 tab every 48 hrs!)......They do not seem to work....she is constantly licking her paws and seems quite distressed and generally just not well, in hiding and just not herself. She is hungrier and thirstier than ever on these meds. I was wondering if there are any other meds that are better than this medication that other members feel are helping their dogs with itchy paws? Previously, when with another Vet, she was on Prednisone, and also did not have positive results.
I recently heard of a medication called Atopica - has anyone used this for their dog's itchy paws with good results? I am grateful, and appreciate your advice, experiences and any information. Thank you.
Would it help to put booties on your dog when take her out to walk on grass? Has she been on antibiotics recently , like someone said it could be a yeast infection. Antibiotics can cause dogs to get yeast infection on their paws .
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