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Originally Posted by angeldogs View Post
I wonder if it is the high gas in his bowels causing it. my boy a couple of years ago was some what like this.blood work was normal xrays too exept for the gas in the bowels.we were told to put him on a plain diet for awhile and try another food. so i switched to a fish based food as it is good for allergies and sensitive tummies and is cheaper then food based for sensitive tummies. all that gas could cause pain. thats what the vet had told me.
i really dont know, i hope its something like that and not an organ failure

can you tell me after switching the diet, how long did your dogs health return to normal?

also i forgot to mention, creatine levels were low in his blood work, but the vet said its normal because the condition was present for a long time and the fact that he hadnt developed any muscles in that time accounts why
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