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Hello, his stool is regular and normal color and somewhat soft, possibly due to the fact we are now feeding him rice and special dog food.

We took him again to the vet today and he freely donated a sample in the vets office... a bit embarrassing.

He also got tested for possible pancreas problem, and it came back negative. X ray was clean and ultra sound was inclocusive due to high gas in his bowels.

Palpation was performed by two vets all over his abdomen before and after a dose of painkillers, he didnt not react in pain at all. When the vet touched the liver, kidneys and pancreas, he did not yelp in pain, as he should if there was a problem.

The vet instructed us to give him only rice and some chicken, antibiotics and Buscopan (hioscin butilbrmoid) to relax the pain from spasms.

He also told me that he exhausted all the diagnostic tools at his disposal, that now we are left with exploratory surgery or a MRI to pinpoint the problem.

He assured us that what he has is not life threatening, but I want him to be healthy and living a life without pain.

Can you post a link to the thread about Evan, i couldnt find it using the search tool.

Thank you!
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