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I concur with LavRott! Excellent post! I am a little upset with the whole notion of designer breeds. It is pure marketing - sell mutts and call them fancy names and charge a small fortune. I really am alarmed when there are claims made that are not true such as a labradoodle is the best of both breeds. No one can possibly know that in advance.

I am sure owners love their labradoodles but why buy one when labs are around? What is the difference? I love my choc lab "nephew" - and like mutts too for that mater. Why pay more money? if one really wants to show a dog, that's one thing- get involved in that life if you want tho designer breeds are not recognized and because of the vast number are not likely to ever be given a CKC designation.

Love your dog and let's hope no more get rick quick schemes like this one come along again! (Tho knowing the human race, I am sure some will.) Puppy.Pal, I am glad you understand what you are involved in - I just hope yours is a rescue dog and you did not pay megabucks for your puppy. I am sure you love him. Anyone can create a labradoodles (sad to say) and that's the problem - and thus there are no standards.
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