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I have to agree with the posting, "breeders" charge double for these and call them desiger dogs, when really, they are mixed breeds/mutts. This is a warning for those who think they should pay more becaise the got the best of 2 breeds. People see the words "Designer" and pay double. This post just sums it up to what it really is. I spend time in shelters and I would aurgue till I was blue in the face, there are tones of these designer breeds, pure breds and mutts not being suckered in to buying one from a "breeder" you could save a life. At Christmas time, a whole family of them came in, mom, dad, and 5 pups that didn't sell at xmas time. :sad: And since this litter didn't sell, they dropped the adults off too. All Labradoodles previously selling for $900 each. $900 for a mutt. Honestly? Thats why this warning is there. You would be crazy to pay that for a non pure bred.

"Morkies", "Schnoodle", "Labradoodle"???

If you are looking for one of these dogs, please look in your shelter or a rescue. These are NOT recognized breeds, but merely get-rich-quick creations pumped out by disreputable people to make big bucks and prey on the gullible.

These dogs are merely mongrels with high price tags. Don't be taken in!

If anything I would change the word gullible..altho I can't think of another word to put in there but I could see how that could be offensive to those who have already purchased a designer breed, and I would change the word mongrels to mutts altho they are the same thing. But thats it.

It's not meant to demean the pups, it's meant to warn customers to not pay this kinda money for a mutt, you are right, that's peoples choice, but the word still needs to be out there that these dogs are over priced for the pure benifit of the "breeder" not the breed. And to help the educate people on byb. I think there has been enough sugar coating stuff like this, it's time we say it like it is. These are expensive mixed breeds.
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