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This is what we did, on a recommendation from my vet.

You get some cheap mouse traps. You set them on the counter ready to go. While you are there working away, get something to set it off. It will make a really loud noise and of course the trap will "jump". Mine usually ended up on the floor. I would make this HUGE scene etc. What I did then was leave the trap unhooked, on the counter or table and every once in a while I would pick it up and drop it and make a big commotion. Believe me, they won't go near something that they think bites. Never had a problem again.

This falls in the same line as stringing some pop cans together with pennies in them. When the dog jumps on the counter, the cans fall and make a racket. They learn that jumping up on the counter etc. means not good.

Good luck!
Heather and her 3 Golden Girls
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