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I've used this method with Kaedyn and it worked wonders.

He was constantly jumping on the window ledge and barking at anything that moved (and sometimes things that were still!).

What I did was, I put a piece of cardboard along the ledge (counter in your case). The cardboard was placed partly off the ledge/counter. Then I put a can filled with rocks (and taped on the top) and placed it on the cardboard. Whenever he hit the cardboard, he would automatically knock the can off and get startled.

It worked incredibly well. In fact, once, he was going ballistic and having one of his "barking episodes". He was running around the living room, barking his little head off and just jumped about a foot off the ground but moved just in time to avoid hitting the ledge. This was after I took the can off but it worked so well that he remembered, even when he was all worked up.
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