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Originally Posted by Fivekittymom View Post
I was a wreck the entire weekend until my husband went out and bought me a stuffed animal that projects a unicorn and stars on the ceiling at night, so I could sleep. (yea, I know. I'm a wicked baby). Finally got our green light this morning. "Yes, you can pick Mia up later today. She is doing well, talking to everyone in the hospital, wanting attention, not bothering her drains, hungry, and missing home".

I went all out cleaning the guest room, moving out all furniture except the bed, putting soft cushions and an extra mattress on the floor, you name it. The vet actually laughed and said that all that would not have been necessary. A separate room to confine her would have sufficed. Oh well. I was not going to go through this ordeal again if I could prevent a re-infection, or what have you. (Vet also said that with the drains being cleaned twice a day, that shouldn't be an issue).

So her wound looks much better than I had feared. They basically only removed two of three sutures, and placed two penrose drains; one on each end. Not much raw flesh and open gaping wound at all. Of course, the nice little girl they got to know at the vet's, who left her drains alone and was calm, turned into Mrs Hyde at home!

The spare room isn't very large, but she managed to turn in upside down in the two hours she has been home. Her (sterilised. Yea, I know) toys are all over the place, her water bowl splashed empty, two cans of cat food devoured....Oh, and did I mention the first thing she did was yank on the drain to get it out??

I thought I was going to have a stroke right there when that rubber band stretched. I could already envision her entire belly tearing open. So I put the inflatable e-collar on her. Good thing we bought one, or so I thought. Too bad Mia didn't agree. She figured out really fast how to pull on the velcro strap and just take the damn thing off.

So I spent an hour sewing an e-collar out of a hand towel. That she can handle, because she can't pull it off. It's too soft to drag it along an object to yank it over her head, like the regular plastic e-collar, nor does it have a velcro strap to pull open. Ha! So now she's resigned herself to her fate and decided to take a nap.

Hubby and I are spending the night with her, so she won't be lonely. Of course the other pets are furious that they can't even get near the room. (I cordoned off the hallway like a maximum security prison) and all I hear is yowling and howling from down the stairs. They'll manage to survive a day or two without my continuous presence.

Now I really hope that this was the end of the vet visits and surgeries for what was supposed to be a simple spay. Incidentally, the doctor did not charge us one penny for this last round. Even the meds were free. Makes me wonder if they believe that the infection was something that was caused on their end. No matter, as long as my girl is fine, I won't complain.
I think it would nice if your send your vet a thank you note . I never heard of a vet doing that and there was no way for the vet to know your cat would have any reactions the surgery stitches. I hope your kitty will have quick recovery
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