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Why is it that I can't get there darn things too work! I have never had so many problems! I have an old Kensington Webcam that I tried to get to work, but aparently they don't make them anymore and don't support windows XP. So since I couldn't get drivers, it's sitting in my desk drawer.

We borrowed my BF's parents free webcam that came with their computer, but they don't have the software. It's some cheap one that doesn't even have a brand name on it, and Windows XP can't find software for it.

Are there generic webcam drivers available? Do you need a program to stream the webcam? I'm trying to set up streaming to use on

I'm a computer whiz, but this has me baffled! I know how to set up my digital camera as a webcam, but because it's not a webcam, it auto-shuts off after about 2 minutes. If I turn that off, the batteries drain too quick if I leave it on (and I don't have an AC/DC power cable for it).
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