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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
And did the vet you had the conversation with have a degree in nutrition?

Vet school only provides a day or two course which is given by a nutritionist from one of the pet food companies like Medi-Cal/Royal Canin or Science Diet/Hill's. I would sooner get information from other sources unless the vet is more informed than from what they learned from the vet school course.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and mine is posted above.

That would be great if it were your opinion and not verbatim from The Dog Food Project. Perhaps you are a pet food nutritionist. If so feel free to rebut my findings above. I would love to hear it.

The vet I talked to was well educated in the area of pet nutrition.

It is strange that you say cellulose powder is basically sawdust, and when you do an internet search, it is available at many health food stores as a good source of dietary fibre. As for it being high on the list, 90% of pet food is made up from the first 5 ingredients. As far as beet pulp, it is used to provide energy with little of no rise in glucose levels.

As far as free delivery, again try and be informed. It is easy to keep costs down when it is a home based business. Delivering is way cheaper than paying $15-$20 / sq foot for store frontage.

Forgive me, I am just a noob here and don't mean to get into an argument but there is more information out there than The Dog Food Project and Dog Food where there are gaping holes in their assumptions.

Thanks for listening. This is a great forum.
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