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Thanks for all of the suggestions!!! By reading your descriptions, I already know what Copper might like and not like. My little Zoodle on the other hand, would absolutely LOVE all of these toys!! MY big sucky boy Copper is picky - kind of like me!

I was thinking of getting the black kong, just to see if he would like it more than the red one. He only touches the kong, if there is food in it - otherwise he doesn't bother with it.

The Kong balls are also good - but they are very bouncy & hard....
Is this a solid ball?? Or is it the treat ball? We have the treat ball for Zoe. I don't leave it out as one of the dogs started to pick chunks off(can't remember if it was Zoe or Copper). If it is a solid ball, Copper would enjoy it as long as it is smooth all around.
As for a thrift shop, been there done that! I buy his basketballs and blankets there. No stuffed toys, they go too quick! Once in a while he'll get a stuffed toy because it brings him so much joy!
Bones, they are only good when the dogs aren't together - like when Copper is at Grandma's house and Zoe is home. Can't leave those out or we might have world war 3!

I'm definitely getting him one of those frisbees from the pet store. He LOVES frisbee!!! He'll bring it to you and if you ignore him he'll shove it in your legs until you throw it for him!
Never mind the dogs, beware of the owner!!!
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