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Originally Posted by jessi76
I've recommended it before, the Talk to Me Treat Ball.

We bought Tucker one last September - he's still playing with it. Granted, it's a bit banged up (from smashing into walls, etc...) and a bit scratched (from his teeth - but he can't get his mouth around it, and no obvious edges or seams to destroy in 2 seconds). The recording device has sort of died - it does a half-bark now (we recorded Tucker barking). But even though it's a bit banged up - he plays with it ALOT. we actually have to take it away from him or he won't stop playing with it.

Fill w/ any small treats, as the dog whacks it around, treats fall out (generally 1 or 2 at a time) and the recording plays. (it does have an on/off button too!)

one of the best toys I've ever bought for my pup. this is one of the few that have survived.
For us, this one has to be extremely supervised. Jesse has figured out how to pull out the "microphone" in the ball to get the treats out faster!! She figured out a way to be lazy about getting the treats out, but scares me because of her intelligence!!!
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