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Outside the back door the verandah has an extra big square deck. This is where I sat and groomed my shelties each day when I first got down there. Dead ahead is her glasshouse, behind that her shade house, behind that is her dog room. On the right are the dog yards. If you notice, on the verandah post on the left, up high, there is a nesting box. This has been claimed by a pair of beautiful Eastern Rosellas and the male is very inquisitive. If they have visitors he likes to sit on the verandah rails and check them out.LOL.
The deck seen from out at the yards.
Finally the dog yards. his was taken before Matt and Dundee had the fight, so they are together in the right side yard. Matt is in the undercover part, which has a paved floor, Dundee out on the grass. The extra (white) puppy pens in the yards were for when we fed them, just easier to separate them. Each gate served two purposes, you could close them to allow access to both yards, or shut them into the covered yards. That shed beside the yards held a fridge and freezer.
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