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Like KarineB, I don't think the dog should have been in the store (I don't think dogs allowed in stores anyways ). Second, as Masha stated, why did the employee think it was ok to pet the dog?

Originally Posted by cpietra16 View Post
Obviously we don't know both sides of the story and the news will always write what sells, however....I don't particulary like people who just assume that they can just walk up to a dog, regardless of size and start petting it... "bend towards the dog" no less....she was just playing russian roulette...a dog is an animal, and animals can be unpredictable!!!!!! especially when you are in their face.....making eye contact and reaching out!!!this is not a human baby!!!!!!
No kidding. I certainly hope that the employee, at the very least, learned how threatening her actions (through body language) were to the dog in the first place.

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When my daughter was just a few months old a lady approached the buggy and just bent over to ooowww and ahhhh her...( without asking )well unbeknown to her my daughter was a few seconds away from throwing up....another body language I know how to read....needless to say, she got it all over her hand and sleeve....I'm glad she didn't bite her; would she be have thrown in jail? would I have been thrown in Jail? put down?.....
Which brings up a wonderful memory I have of my son when he was a toddler. He was sitting in the grocery cart, a woman just came up to us and, before I knew it, she was reaching out to touch his face. He growled and snapped at her hand . The look on her face was priceless .
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