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Yes, we also changed our girls foods when Solid Gold changed their formulas. They both have been on the Timberwolf Organics Lamb, Barley, & Apple formula for 6 days now; so far so good. I keep checking their ears and paws regularly for signs of an allergic reaction, but everything is going well. I do not suspect that they will have any adverse reactions since the food they were on previously with Solid Gold was also a Lamb & Barley formula. Their stools are about the same, just darker in color.

But, one thing I do not like about TO's foods is their packaging. Anyone else think that the material of the bags is really, really thin? I am comparing it to Solid Gold, Innova, or Evolve's packaging, for instance, as theirs are a real thick, heavy-duty, foil bag; I like that. Plus, those 3 brands vacuume pack their bags, and TO does not. If they tried, I think the bags would evaporate or something because they're so thin!
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