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I agree

Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post

This web site say this about this bred "If you are harsh or overbearing it will become uncooperative" .
If this is correct that trainer had no idea what she was doing . Have you asks the breeder if they know of good trainer?

They're beautiful dogs.
It is all true. I had not been aware about him. I wanted another dog as other had passed. Moses is extremely intelligent. This go around I most definetly am goiing to queirie individual. This breed is a working breed. I am unable to locate original breeder, have to wait until may going to have another litter. In the meantime my name and number is out to reputable positive reinforcement classes. I cried myself to sleep I almost gave him away but I love him far to much and we are joined at the hip now. Moses always comes to mommy I truly believe there is hope for him I am not going to give up at all. I even had a Cop Sargent say put him down NEVER thank you
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