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Unhappy Cat peeing/pooping on dog's bed - argh!

I'm at a loss. I don't know what else to do at this point.

- adopted Molly when she was a kitten, she is now going on 11 years old. She's always been skittish and never really secure and bold. When we adopted her we had our other cat, Sylvester, who was put down about 2 years ago from cancer. She ADORED him - but when he was gone, she didn't really seem to mourn.
- adopted Mr Miyagi when he was a kitten (2 years ago - about a 2-3 weeks after we lost Sylvester). His poppa was a feral/stray as far as we were told, so we aren't sure if that has anything to do with his behaviour. He's crazy crazy hyper (understandable as he's still a young cat).
- Loki arrived last summer - Mr Miyagi adjusted within days, Molly is still adjusting. She does come around when he's out and about, but always up on the couch, etc so she can keep a proper eye on him. She eats when he's around, so to me - stress level is at a minimal now.

The issue we are having is Molly (we are assuming - she was caught in the act once) is pooping and sometimes peeing on Loki's beds. I am 99% sure it's behavioural and not medical. At first I was thinking she was still rightly angry about this big beast of a dog invading her home, but now I'm wondering if it's the torment from Mr Miyagi instead. Because she's so skittish, it's almost like Mr Miyagi picks up on that and is even MORE dominant and aggressive with her. He chases her up into our guest room (where she would happily live for the rest of her life, I swear). If she's out and about, he gives her chase. So - is this peeing/pooping thing because of issue with Loki still? Or - is Mr Miyagi making it impossible for her to get downstairs to the litterbox?

I've changed Loki's beds around. I've put Feliway next to it (started that a month ago). I would hate to seclude Molly to one room - I feel guilty enough as it is that we have chaos and unrest in our house.

I think if 1 of the cats were to go - we'd have balance. I'm not really open or comfortable with rehoming though - they are all my babies and I want it to work. I also can't envision dealing with this for another 8 years possibly :/

I'm open to suggestions - anything you got. I'm at my wits end.
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