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R.I.P Ringo ......sounds like a great puppy dog, and very similar to my friends dog.
For anyone who knows Scarborough (westhill) He lived near the guild inn for many years with his parents when he moved out he took his dog jessy with him to a house near Lawrence and Manse Rd. He set up jessy with a dog house out back chained him up and said his goodbyes in the morning and off to work he went. He was a cab driver so he could come back periodicly to check on him at 9:00 am he came back to check on him and he was gone.
He called everyone he knew to see if Jessy had showed up to no avail. His parents were away in Spain at the time, but a neighbour called him and said that Jessy had shown up at his parents place around 3;30pm and was in the back yard. You see my friend had taken Jessy everywhere and used to ride through Morningside Park all the time, seems Jessy just did a little backtracking and figured he would find his master at the old
Some dogs seem to be very smart that way
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