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good by ringo the dingo

not sure where to put this..

when charlie was a puppy we met ringo. ringo was a dingo cross and was a real little spunk and was 10yrs when we met. he had a great spirit. when his owner johnathan went anywhere, ringo could not be left, he would just escape and walk to every house he knew until he found johnathan, he showed up at our door a few times, he would wander in to the house or yard, have a look, no johnathan, he would move onto the next place. he used to show up at our training course every day for a year and sit outside with charlie (also kept her company at parties, the doggies used to have their own parties while we had ours). oh boy did charlie love him, she used to jump all over him in her puppy joy, and he always tolerated her. ringo also only ate curry most of his life, he ate anything johnathan ate and he travelled australia in their modified camping van. (and he never once had a bath only swims, you should have smelt him he was so cute).
on the weekend i saw ringos old mum. i immeadiatly asked for him and sadly was told he passed in the year of 2000. oh boy it is sad, i cried for him, he had a good life but it is still a friend that has passed. he died happily in the arms of his dad under a beautiful tree in the pine forest, just where he would have loved. it made me sad to hear, although it was a few years ago he was a good little mate and a beautiful spirit (i get so close to my doggy friends and remember them all esp cuddles). i have written this so we can all share the beautiful memory of a fun, oh so loved and happy dingo. i know his beautiful spirit will go on forever, and i will never forget him.
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