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Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
i've gotten past that stuff awhile ago. if i didnt, i wouldnt have came back a second time around, would i?

Then why do you keep bringing it up?????????????? I think it is because you can't let it go and accept their appology and move on.

i've been disrepected in person by the way people spoke about my religion. what did i do? nothing, as i should have.
so i can kinda pick up on the things people mean here and there. i've got an apt for it. i usually bursh it off though.

and, people in middle eastern countries dont love their animals as pets?

i understand what you mean, but i think you should have written that without the "You have lived in Canada for 13 years, you know how"

That was just to make it clear that you can't plead ignorance to our life style!

thats a subjective thing to be honest.
i know some people in canada who hate animals, some who love them, and some dont give a rats tail about it.

Oh so agree! I don't think you will hear any argument about that
for god sakes some cop in america or canada had shot an already caught dog.

theres good and bad people everywhere, be it people with power or not.

the fact that more than one person now has said this is a pet not a religious site, means you shouldnt comment about religion to reduce any chance of confrontation.


well, is it fair theres been 60 or so posts just about whether or not its fair for people in my religion to have to go through this, and then when i come and post "its over and done with" ?

im sorry, i didnt bring up my religion, remember? but like i said, ill come up when it does.

But you just did at 7:27 this morning. When this thread was quietly being forgotten, you piped up about "rudeness" just to bring it back up

and i think i've proven the fact that i need to post. seeing as how theres been so many people who dont even understand my religion posting and discussing things which for all they know werent even real.

i have nothing against you chico, but i cant not use you as a example with the fatwa = war.

fatwa = religious opninion.
did anyone know that?

im not saying you cant discuss things, im just sayin, its my job to clarify things.
I don't think so, it has been made very clearly we don't care what religion it is, just the outcome that this article has on dogs.

so when someone starts a thread, that HAS to do with islam, and HAS people commenting about islam, i CANT leave my religion to just float around unprotected.

i do appreciate marko and mikischo for defending it becaue they were a a neutral party.

i like this site, i like (most) of the people here.
i dont have a problem, not looking for one. just trying to keep islam in the clear. that so bad?
Well, then may I suggest you start a FB page and start your teachings there. As for here, we would love to hear about pets and animals, wonderful experiences and some pics.
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