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Dog adopted after 15 months at SPCA

Dog adopted after 15 months at Moncton SPCA
Last Updated: Thursday, December 10, 2009 | 8:38 AM AT Comments8Recommend10CBC News
Chance spent 15 months in the Moncton SPCA shelter before he was finally adopted. (Submitted by SPCA)After 15 months of staying at the Moncton SPCA's shelter, Chance the dog finally got his chance to find a new home.

The 10-year-old Shepherd-Husky mix had been at the Moncton SPCA for 15 months, setting the record for the longest stay at the animal shelter before being adopted.

Chance came to the shelter in a bad state. He wasn't good around kids or cats, so he needed a bit of socializing.

But it didn't take long before he became a favourite of volunteers, such as Andrée Cormier.

"He kinda, like, grew on everyone. You know all the employees and volunteers loved him," Cormier said.

"He was the type of dog you know you can just watch TV and he'll lay down next to your feet and all he's asking for is love and a warm bed."

So Chance's adoption is bittersweet as the shelter says goodbye to the dog.

"When you volunteer at the SPCA, you try not to get too attached," Cormier said.

"I can't help it, I always end up having a few favourites and Chance definitely ended up being one of my favourites."

Mathieu Lavoie, who adopted Chance, said he had an instant connection with the dog.

"He was a big favourite out there. I mean he's easy to get along with so that's what really attracted to me," Lavoie said.

"Just how he is, I mean I call him the Big Easy. [He is an] easy dog to get along with … pretty playful."

Lavoie's father recently had a stroke so he's figuring Chance will make a great companion for him, too.
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