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well, as far as your dog, I would not feed her anything for 24 hours, if she did eat something that is not agreable with her, then it will flush itself out, don't use veggies/fruit etc cause that is not appropriate for a dog to eat in the first place.

as far as your backyard, if your family members won't clean up the mess then you'll have to go and do it, for the safety of your dog, i would be out there first thing this morning cleaning it up

if your dog has bloat she will not be able to move at all, simply getting up and walking around will be really painful for her and she will be whimpering and crying all the time, even while doing nothing and laying around.

if you are really concerned take her to the vet ASAP!

another thing to consider is that dogs stomachs are really really robust, eating things like fruit, veggies, rotten meat, bread, etc will not hurt them too much, might end up with an upset stomach, things like plastic, paper (in large amounts) metal cooked bones will be a problem and should be tken to the vet if they have eaten any of this stuff

hope this helps

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