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dog has a tight tummy

I just realized that my dog has been eating the garbage that my mom dumps at backyard. I am extremely unhappy and have been advising my mom not to leave garbage at backyard. but she never listen.

My dog' tummy turns tight. I am afraid she get stomach bloat. she is 13 month cairn terrier. She still remains active and eat regular dog food.

I have started feeding her more vegetable and less dog food in order to clear the waste in her stomach. what other things I should do?
what should I do to make my family members more care about my dog? I labeled some notes around the houses to warn them not to put my dog to backyard and tell them to clean the backyard. I also have stopped talking to my family members because I am so mad what they have done to my dog. My mom doesn't realize her problem of dumping garbage to backyard. I really don't want to talk to her in order to avoid argument. what should I do?

please advise

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